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Ph plus in granules – The first step towards clean and safe water is a correct pH value. A correct pH ensures you and anyone who uses the pool to feel comfortable in the water. The ideal pH value is between 7.0 and 7.4 and forms the basis for optimal water treatment. If the pH value is too high or low, it not only affects the skin and hair, but also the effectiveness of water treatment products.

Depending on water hardness and temperature, the pH value can vary widely. For this reason the pH must be checked regularly – at least once a week – and adjusted when necessary.

PH-Plus granules lower the pH value of the pool water, they should be used when the pH is lowered below 6.8. To raise the pH by 0.1, apply 100 g per 10 m³.

Dosing information:
• Recommended dosage: 100 g / 10 m3 to increase the pH by +0.1
• Product dosage: directly in the tank
• Filter type: suitable for any type of filter
• Tub dimensions: suitable for any size
• Dosing frequency: in case of need

BAYROL articles are produced in Europe, the result of the latest technologies that guarantee the perfect processing of all BAYROL formulas. The best raw materials are transformed, respecting the highest safety standards, into premium quality finished products to guarantee the best performance without compromise.

Use biocides safely. Always read labels and product information carefully before use

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