Concentrated liquid against the proliferation of algae in the pool with water clarifying effect. Disinfectants are not sufficient to inhibit the formation of algae. Preventive measures are necessary to ensure that the algae does not grow in your pool. The algaecides from the Desalgine® line provide effective prevention against all types of algae. These inhibitors are highly concentrated and particularly efficient even at low dosages.


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Product Description


Disinfectants alone are not sufficient to inhibit the formation of algaes. Effective premeasures are necessary to ensure algaes do not grow and spread in your pool, as this could lead to cloudy and discoloured water. Desalgine® is a concentrated liquid algaecide for the prevention of algae growth. In addition, Desalgine® contains a clarifier for enhanced sparkling water.

Please add 50 ml per 10 m³ once a week.

Sales unit:

  • 1 L bottle
  • 3 L canister
  • 6 L canister

Dosing information:

  • Filter type: all
  • Volume: all
  • Where: into the water
  • When: once a week

All products BAYROL are produced in Europe using the latest technology. Rotation presses for chlorine tablets, modern liquid filling plants and automatic labelling machines guarantee the perfect processing of all BAYROL formulas. Under the highest safety standards, the best raw materials are turned into premium quality finished products to ensure the best performance without compromise.

Always use biocides safely. Always read labels and product information carefully before use.

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1 Liter, 3 Liters, 6 Liters, 10 Liters


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