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    Swimming is simply moving meditation (Cesar Nikko Caharian)
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    Swimming is simply moving meditation (Cesar Nikko Caharian)
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    Swimming is simply moving meditation (Cesar Nikko Caharian)
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    Swimming is simply moving meditation (Cesar Nikko Caharian)


Our company was born a little more than ten years ago, with the intent of realising small oases dedicated to wellbeing.  The design and realisation of swimming pools and spas is our objective. The experience which we’ve matured over this decade, thanks to technicians and consultants who have over forty years’ experience in the sector, has helped us to grow and to improve our skills. Our journey continues in the search of professional growth, dedicated to the full satisfaction of our customers.

The market is in continuous evolution and launches  challenges annually, we are always studying in order to refine our technical preparation and to keep up with the market pace. We are members of an national association “Professione acqua” which keeps us updated with the evolving market and its products, the modernization of the constructive technologies and services for the perfect functioning of our “package”.

Do we stop here? No. We have initiated a national collaboration, which has brought us to unite with a selected group of swimming pool builders, realising our registered brand for a quality product which follows a certified process in all its steps.  This is to offer our customers an exclusive turnkey product.  “Perle d’acqua” is our inspiration to offer you absolute excellence.

Our ten-year journey has permitted us to enrich our product choice, with articles which are able to  enrich our customers. Not only do we realise your swimming pool or spa area, we also take care of the final user.  The swimmer which is immerged for pleasure or the child which plays in the water for fun can both find a rich selection of dedicated products.

Would you like us to realise your “oasis of wellbeing”?  Gardapool will be pleased to offer its services guaranteeing the maximum professionalism.

Gardapool is a qualified company with national DM37/08  requirements and will be happy to collaborate with you in order to realise your dreams.



Can you imagine the swimming pool of your dreams? Contact us!



Immerge yourselves with us in the world of swimming pools.

In the precise instant that you decide to build a swimming pool, a fascinating journey with thousands of variables, begins.  This where the heart of our activity, being able to build swimming pools of all types and dimensions, beats.

pool-details-01Gardapool collaborates both with public and private customers, aiming to comprehend even the smallest of needs.  The customer transmits how he desires to utilise the structure and we elaborate the best possible aesthetic and technical solution.  In any case only what suits their wishes.

We propose swimming pools with both overflow and skimmer technology (see images).  The client chooses according to the use which will be made of the swimming pool, the available space and naturally in accordance to the economic investment which suits their needs.

The first hypothesis, a skimmer type pool is realised with a simple filtration system. The water is drawn into the system through the skimmer, purified by the filter and the fed back into the pool through the wall inlets.

pool-details-02The swimming pool with the overflow system, is slightly more complex:  In this type of pool, the pool has an overflow channel, which is a trench that surrounds it, and is covered by a removable grille. Surface water flows over the edge of the pool, and runs by gravity to the compensation tank, from which the water is pumped, filtered and then returns to the bottom of the pool through the floor inlets.

In both cases each of these construction types can be made with more variables, both in terms of coating, type of overflow system, constructive method and complementary accessories.

All our swimming pools are realised in full compliance with current  UNI EN16582 and UNI EN16713 for private swimming pools, and for public swimming pools (situated in hotels, apartment blocks, touristic buildings,  camping sites etc….) the UNI10637 standard, is applied.



Browse our latest creations, choose the category that interests you and discover the wonders that await you.

    • piscina-ad-uso-pubblico-in-muratura-hotel-miorelli-torbole-tn
      Masonry pool for public use, restructured with prefabricated concrete panels, counter-current. Hotel Miorelli - Torbole (TN)
    • piscina-ad-uso-pubblico-in-muratura-tracimazione-a-sfioro-rivestimento-con-piastrella-park-hotel-il-vigneto-arco-tn-_-2
      Masonry pool for public use, infinity overflow with tile cladding. Hotel Pace - Arco (TN)
    • piscina-ad-uso-pubblico-in-muratura-tracimazione-a-sfioro-rivestimento-con-piastrella-park-hotel-il-vigneto-arco-tn
      Masonry pool for public use, infinity overflow with tile cladding. Hotel Pace - Arco (TN)
    • piscina-ad-uso-pubblico-in-vetroresina-tracimazione-a-skimmer-panca-idromassaggio-arco-tn
      Fiberglass pool for public use, skimmer overflow, whirlpool bench. Arco (TN)
    • piscina-ad-uso-pubblico-in-vetroresina-tracimazione-a-skimmer-residence-le-bondel-ledro-tn
      Fiberglass pool for public use, skimmer overflow. Residence Le Bondel - Ledro (TN)
    • piscina-in-calcestruzzo-tracimazione-sfioro-tipo-cascata-infinity-pool-con-vista-lago-tremosine-bs
      Concrete pool, infinity overflow type waterfall, infinity pool overlooking the lake. Tremosine (BS)
    • piscina-privata-in-muratura-tracimazione-a-sfioro-misto-rivestimento-in-pvc-malcesine-vr
      Masonry private pool, infinity mixed overflow, PVC coating. Malcesine (VR)
    • piscina-privata-in-muratura-tracimazione-a-sfioro-riva-del-garda-tn
      Masonry private pool, infinity overflow. Riva del Garda (TN)
    • piscina-privata-in-muratura-tracimazione-a-skimmer-rivestimento-in-pvc-e-tapparella-tenno-tn-_-2
      Masonry private pool, skimmer overflow, PVC coating and roller shutter. Tenno (TN)
    • piscina-privata-in-muratura-tracimazione-a-skimmer-rivestimento-in-pvc-e-tapparella-tenno-tn
      Masonry private pool, skimmer overflow, PVC coating and roller shutter. Tenno (TN)
    • piscina-privata-in-muratura-tracimazione-a-skimmer-rivestimento-river-rok-torbole-tn
      Masonry private pool, skimmer overflow, River Rok coating. Torbole (TN)
    • piscina-privata-in-vetroresina-tracimazione-a-skimmer-con-tapparella-incorporata-tremosine-bs
      Fiberglass private pool, skimmer overflow with built-in shutter. Tremosine (BS)
    • piscina-privata-in-vetroresina-tracimazione-a-skimmer-tapparella-incorporata-nuoto-controcorrente-e-panca-idromassaggio-malcesine-vr
      Fiberglass private pool, skimmer overflow, incorporated shutter, counter-current and whirlpool bench. Malcesine (VR)
    • piscina-privata-in-vetroresina-tracimazione-a-skimmer-tenno-tn
      Fiberglass private pool, skimmer overflow. Tenno (TN)
    • zona-idromassaggio-incorporata
      Built-in jacuzzi
    • tapparella-incorporata-e-doccia-per-esterni
      Built-in blinds and outdoor shower
    • copertura-estiva-a-bolle
      Summer cover
    • dettaglio-sistema-sfioro-a-cascata
      Overflow system detail
    • zona-idromassaggio-incorporata-con-cascata-e-scala-interna
      Jacuzzi area
    • _dsc5982
      Sauna detail
    • _dsc6008
      Sauna detail
    • _dsc5981
      Sauna detail
    • _dsc6030
      Sauna detail
    • _dsc6023
      Sauna detail
    • _dsc6020
      Sauna detail
    • _dsc6018
      Sauna detail


  • Cleaning

    Our staff will organize according to your needs the require cleaning service (either weekly or monthly). Arranging, if necessary both the seasonal opening and closing of your swimming pool. Maintaining top quality water is our mission, your safety is at the forefront of our thoughts.

  • Maintenance

    A pool system, in order to function well, needs to be constantly maintained. For this is the reason Gardapool deals with the maintenance of existing facilities, swimming pools, spas, saunas which all need to be verified after many years of functioning. We are able to offer replacement parts at the best market price due to our numerous commercial relations. Do you need to replace the sand in your filter, change lamps, worn fittings, various repairs? Gardapool will do the job!

  • Renovation

    Is your pool outdated? We will transform it as you desire, modifying from skimmer to infinity, replacing the lining, inserting pleasant water features, upgrading the disinfection system, providing the coverage you choose and why not a proper heating system…. The possibilities do not end here, call us!

Gardapool offers its help in the choice of products for the maintenance of your swimming pool.



Gardapool – Via Linfano, 52
38062 Arco (TN) – Italy
Tel. +39 0464 516981
Fax: +39 0464 517962
P.IVA 01959750223


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